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How to get Placed in CDAC Placement Program CCPP | Some Useful Tips

How to get Placed in CDAC Placement Program CCPP | Some Useful Tips

Hi all,
CDAC's common campus placements take place twice in a year for each batch (ie Feb Batch and Aug Batch), More than 1000 candidates appear for this placement program (From diff. institutes: like Sunbeam, CDAC Acts, IACSD, INFOWAY etc.) and around 200 companies come for recruiting candidates which include some of the big giants like CDAC RND, Cybage, Nihilent,Global SAAS, Manhattan, Opussoft, Polarisft, Barclay's, Syntel and other reputed companies. Average package is around 3 lac.

But the most imp thing is that how to get placed in such an big program when so many students are there to compete with you.
When this placements season starts at CDAC each and every student is at same level, Every body has done same amount of study, students worked hard for those 5 months to get placed. Students start getting placed right from the day 1 while some students fails to do so and then starts a time of frustration.
We did a survey and asked many experience holders who have gone through all these tension's and frustrations

Here is what experienced students suggested when asked this Question: 
Some General Tips:
Keep Your Head COOL: People around you will start getting placed and some times you may fail to do so, Just don't get frustrated, keep your head cool and calm and keep your hard work on never loose hope during this phase.

Don't cram, instead understand the concept: Cramming is not going to help you any more b'coz there is a huge sea of concepts in front of you. U'll have to understand the core concept

Start coding and practicing more: While you are going through your concepts and understanding them, It may happen that you may fail to keep all those concepts in your mind, Best way to persist those concepts in your mind is to start coding, What ever is the concept just make some scenario and make code for that, You may stuck at any point but not to worry because this is the best way to learn.

Practice Aptitude: First step in 99% of companies is General Aptitude and Reasoning test. So keep all the general concepts strong.(Doing RS Aggarwal is sufficient)

Practice in front of mirror: This is the most important practice because most of the times it has been observed that a candidate is low on confidence, He knows every concept but fails to express in interview.

Here are some Questions asked by students to Expert's:
Q: My academic record is not good, Will I get enough calls to get placed in Placements ?
=> Life can be tough for you in placements season, But you just have to keep your head cool, You will get many calls to get placed though some extra effort is required from your side if you can prove your self worth in front of them you will surely get placed Because at the end of the day its your knowledge that matters not your academics.

Q: I Have Gaps in my study, Will it have any impact on my Placement ?
=> You may get some less calls as compared to other students but companies that will call you in their recruitment process had already considered students with gaps in their mind and that will surely not have any impact on your interview, You just need to be smart enough to answer when asked about that gap.

Q: Which project should I choose JAVA or .Net ? Will java candidates have an edge over .net one's ?
=> Choose what ever you like, Because mostly companies look for basic core concepts not the advanced concepts, and no body knows that on which technology you'll work in company because it may happen that in CDAC you have done a java project but in company you are shifted to .Net
For IT CS guys, Try to choose a language that you have chosen in project it will help you.

Q: My Communication skills are not good, Will it impact my placements? Suggest some tips ?
=> This is the problem with many people, But not to worry , It may happen that you are not able to speak a flourishing english and doing grammatical mistakes but the main thing is that you should be able to express yourself in interviews, Be clear on what you are saying, try to frame a sentence in mind before speaking, don't speak too fast, take necessary breaks in between, and ultimately u'll be able to speak a decent english.

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