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How to download videos from Facebook? #TechTalks

How to download videos from Facebook?

Downloading videos from Facebook is very easy, which you will learn in a few minutes and you will soon be able to download your favorite videos from Facebook, live most online on Facebook and stay connected with your friends in today's Busy life No one has time to go to meet their friends or relatives, but we are always connected through Facebook.

To download video from Facebook, you have to follow some of the steps given below, so let's follow the steps given below and learn how to download videos from facebook.

Step1. To download videos from Facebook, you have to go to your mobile Chrome browser and search for Vidmate application.

Step2. Vidmate will have to download this video by clicking on the Install button. 

Step3. When the Vidmate application is downloaded and open the app, when you open the app, you will ask for some permission, which you just have to allow. 

Step4. Now you will see the home page of Vidmate Application, in it you will also see the icons of Facebook and Youtube, you have to click on Facebook. 

Step5. After clicking on Facebook's Icon, you have to open your Facebook ID by entering the user name and password. 

Step6. After Facebook Open, you can download the video of your choice, you are doing your Facebook opan through Vidmate, so the option to download will appear on whatever video you want to download.

How to download Facebook videos in Computer or Laptop?

Downloading videos in your computer or Leptop is also an easy task, you can also download and save Facebook videos in Computer or Leptop, for this you will have to follow some steps which I have given which are given below, then what is the delay? Read the talk now and download the Facebook video to your Computer or Leptop quickly.

Step1. First of all, go to Google and write Facebook and Serach below, you will already see the Facebook website on the line on which you have to click and open. 

Step2. You login by opening facebook account and enter your user name and password. If you do not have an account on facebook, you can create your account by clicking on Create a new account. 

Step3. After login to Facebook, your Facebook will be open, then you remove the video of your choice, open VIdeo and click on the Right button and click on the Open link in new tab. 

Step4. This video will open in the second tab, now you open that tab and copy the URL of that video, after that you have to search in Google's Chrome browser by typing 

Step8. After searching, a new website will open in front of you, you will see the option of putting a link on its home page, you have to paste the URL of the video copied here. 

Step10. After pasting the URL, you have to download the video by clicking on the download button, you can easily download Facebook's favorite video and share it to your friends on Whatsapp as well.

Friends, you must now know how to download Facebook videos from mobile, computer, laptop, if you liked this post, please tell me by comment, by email, share this post with your friends and relatives. Do not forget, as well as share this artical on your Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, thank you more and more.x

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