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This will Transform any surface into a touchscreen | #TechTalks


  • A new startup company called Ultravision has just gone out of stealth mode. Located in San Jose, California, Ultravision wants to make your entire world a touchscreen.
  • The company's new sensor technology, TouchPoint, can incorporate any surface into the touchscreen due to its patented 3D ultrasound technology.
  • The sensor is super tiny and only about the size of a pen tip. It will be screened at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January.

Imagine if you could slide your finger up and down your AirPods to control the volume. Or if a few taps on the aluminum shell of your toaster can determine the correct time and temperature for the toasted bagel. 

This is the future envisioned by Ultravision, a new startup company in San Jose, California, which is working on a new type of sensor for touchscreen technologies. UltraSyn believes that its new sensor can greatly improve the way it interacts with the world, from car door handles to virtual "buttons" on phones or smart home devices. 

This is because smaller sensors, which are smaller than the size of a ballpoint pen tip, can make almost anything a touchscreen - including surfaces that are not traditionally compatible with technology, such as metal, glass, wood , Plastic and ceramic.

Called "Touchpoint", the sensor takes a new approach to Hyptic Touch, using 3D ultrasound technology to detect how small sound waves are moving through a sound surface. Sound waves can detect whether a finger is touching a surface and can interact between different types of touch, opening up the possibility of multifunctional gestures. 

(Think of having a panel on the back of your phone that can help you zoom in or zoom your fingers or focus or snap a photo - all with one hand). Mass Adoption of Touchscreen Tech - Whether it comes from UltraSensus or Haptic Touch, another company working on novel approaches - can mean that we need to turn our phones on or off or to change our temperature Mechanical switches, or buttons will not be required. Refrigerator. 

This means that smart devices can open small and potentially completely new capabilities. "We have seen the way we interact with our devices, where digital has replaced mechanicals, and virtual buttons and surface gestures are speeding up," Ultrasen founder and CEO Moe Meghsudania said in a statement . " "The use of ultrasound in the touch user interface has not yet been implemented in such a novel way."

The touchpoint sensor is considered a system-on-chip or SoC, which means that it is an integrated circuit with all the necessary computing and electronic components. This enables a particularly small size of the sensor, which comes in at about 1.4 x 2.4 x 0.49 millimeters. 

Inside the system, there is an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC), an embedded microcontroller, an on-system memory, and an ultrasonic transducer in a wafer of silicon. At the end of the software, each sensor includes a copy of Ultravision's input detection classifier algorithm, which can detect changes in acoustic properties when your finger touches it. The algorithm also helps classify the input material and can dynamically accommodate small changes in manufacturing or its environment.

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