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Is Selling Air india Correct decision by Current Govt in 2020 ?

Big Question, Is Selling Air india Correct decision by Current Govt in 2020 ? 

So, let us look at the history of Air India! Air India started as Tata Air Services in 1932 and was later renamed Tata Airlines. They decide to name it Air India after WWII and it became a public limited company. It was founded by J.R.D.Tata and actually flew a few flights by itself. After Indian independence, the government bought a 49% stake in the airline.
Now, we see why we need a national airline. I am sure you must have heard of Emirates or Qatar. One of the finest in the world! They have many hubs from which their flights take off or land.
Many politicians fear that their nations will become irrelevant if they abandon their money-losing flag airlines. He is probably a stretch. In most places, the market will likely fill the gap - provided the government gets out of the way. But national pride is powerful, and some people want store brands to disappear.
The idea was to connect your country to the outside world. Also, for the outside world to know that a country exists and is capable of running their own airlines which can connect to any other country in the world; as needed. So, just like outer space mission, it was a pride that we also have National Airlines. But is this relevant today?
Now let us see why this move of the government took a while. It should have been at least a decade earlier, if not two decades ago. The annual bail budget of Air India or Rs. is. 4,600 crores Rs. To my knowledge, Air India has never made any profit. So, while local buses and trains serve people to connect within the country and are trying to reinvigorate themselves, why should we continue to bear the burden of Rs 4,600 crore every year.
Will people lose jobs? Of course they will! Why do you think they are losing money? The reason for this is that it is the same old bureaucracy where tenure and reservation are above merit. Therefore, keep doing it. When losses increase, there is no one who is running the business. Air India has served more people than politicians.
The airline most often tops the chart when it comes to poor on-time performance, flight cancellations, passenger complaints and grievances redressal. For instance, the airline's domestic operations registered 287 complaints in July, the highest among all airlines. While all other airlines managed to address the issues, AI couldn't close 65 passenger complaints against it.
I have flown within India for 15-Years, and the only time I used Air India was when I used to fly from Hyderabad to Bangalore because it was the cheapest flight available. They had a flight coming in from Gulf landing in Hyderabad and then flying out to Bangalore at 3:45 AM or something like that. The price was always Rs.1300+change. Way better than taking a bus.
So, to answer this question, I hope they find a buyer. Air India should have been sold long time ago. You cannot run a company with Unions and Politicians holding the threads.
Good riddance!

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