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Can you Join CDAC if you have less then 60% Marks throughout ????

Can you Join CDAC if you have less then 60% Marks throughout ????

Well! This is one of the most difficult question I have seen students are having once they have completed Engineering, For those who are having good academic record, its very easy for them to join CDAC courses, but those who are having less than 60% marks (In any of "Engineering, 10th, 12th"), it becomes very difficult to make this decision. So, this article we (CDAC Alumni's) are writing to help all of you who are confused about your carrer after engineering.

Why a student wants to join CDAC ?

This question is having very simple answer, "

In a way this is correct as every body wants to have job, but wait, Is getting JOB is the only reason for joining CDAC ? I would say "NO", The reason being, One can get JOB from any where, Like there are many walkin's that keeps happening in various institutes and there are other ways also, but what I believe is, If you have tried all these ways and still you are not having job then probably there is something wrong that you are doing, As per my experience in 80% of the cases people are not prepared enough for getting a job, They are not having that knowledge that is required for getting JOB. In some or other way they are failing somewhere. After all a company hires only those whom they believe is capable of.

So, The best answer for this quiestion is "

What are the opportunities one gets in CDAC for placements ?

In CDAC, all the students gets various opportunities for getting placed in many companies that visits CDAC, All the companies are having different criterias of selecting students that can appear in the selection process. Campus placement occurs as a part of 

Below is the brief on various selection criterias of companies visiting CDAC.

1) Students having 60% or above through out:

2) Students having less that 60% :

Key point to remember while making decision to join CDAC :

  • Primary goal of joining CDAC should be "Attaining Knowledge", Which ultimatly will give you JOB.
  • If you are having less than 60%, You need to work even more harder once you join CDAC.
  • Don't hesitate to join CDAC if marks are not good, Because actual battle is there in CDAC's CPT exams.
  • Once you join CDAC, use "

After all, The best way to predict future is to do it, and dont wait for a perfect moment, Take a moment and make it perfect. This is the time, this is the moment, just join the course, work hard and create your future.

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