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How to Fix Ad serving limit placed on your AdSense account ?

How to Fix Ad serving limit placed on your AdSense account

Different types of ad serving limits: 

Ever wondered why Google might limit the number of ads showing your AdSense account? It all comes down to the integrity of their advertising network. They want advertisers to cheat, users with a bad user experience, and maintain publisher relationships. Often, the extent of ad serving may be temporary until specific issues about traffic quality are resolved. Currently, two different ad serving limitations exist.

Account being assessed:
When this limit occurs, AdSense is busy assessing your traffic quality. Often, there is no set time to wait for the boundaries to be removed. They will automatically review and update the range as they get more information about your traffic quality.

Invalid traffic concerns:
Similar to the situation described above, here, your account is being limited because Google's systems have detected some invalid traffic concerns. Again, they will automatically review and update the range as they get more information about your traffic quality.

Not sure what illegal traffic is? Different types of invalid traffic exist, but in general, this is traffic that is generated by bots and then click on your AdSense ads. This can also include accidental clicks and clicks from a click farm.

What can you do to remove the security and advertising service limits of your AdSense account? While your AdSense account is being limited by Google, you still have access to it and can often monitor the status. Google recommends that you continue creating content and marketing your site. However, with emphasis on traffic quality and AdSense policies.

What you can do ?
Make sure you understand your ad traffic and site visitors. Never click on your own ads, and avoid partnering with un-trusted or low-quality parties. Learn more about preventing invalid traffic. While this ad serving limit typically impacts publishers for less than 30 days, it may take longer in some cases.

Make Sure, You are not doing following : 

1. You do not have Referral Spam Traffic
There are many websites that bring traffic to your website, that are spam, Some invalid looking Links and Opening so many pop ups along with your website, For This you need to track, traffic sources of your website, So, Closely monitor Google analytics traffic to your website. Referral spam traffic adversely impacts you google rankings as well. So, try to remove any such links.

2. Your Traffic is not Auto-generated Bot traffic

Make sure you are not using any Bots to generate traffic to your website, These Bots became popular in 2013-14, when many website owners found them useful and gained a lot of traffic, But now a days, Google is very smart and will catch you, So do not go for such options, Make sure You have removed all the Bot's traffic from any bots in case You are using. 
There might also be cases, where, Some one else is sending fake traffic from bots to you website, Check that as well. 

3. You are not Buying traffic from Websites

Many people find buying traffic as genuine option for generating traffic to your website, But Thats not true as well, Now a days Google only consider Organic Traffic, and social media traffic, So dont go for any buying options.

4. You do not do C4C:

C4C means, Click for Click, You click you friends website and in favor you friend will click your website, There are many such groups on social media Like facebook and whatsapp, Where people mutually agree to do so, This is also kind of traffic Buying, Google detects that as well and Limits advertisements, So stop it immediately in case you are doing.

Start by reading the AdSense program policies and make sure your site complies with them all:
Next, shift your attention to invalid traffic concerns. This part is obvious if you have found "invalid traffic concerns" limitation. It is also a good option for any publisher who wants to protect their AdSense account from illegal traffic.

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