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How to add modified Cars in GTA 5 Game on PC ? Add Characters, Maps, Arms and Scripts etc

GTA 5 is most popular game of this decade, Original game itself is so popular, and interesting, But over the time, Gamer's have tried to make some modifications to the game, Like adding some New Cars, Maps etc. That makes this game even more interesting and Players can visualize anything that they want in GTA 5. 

However these addon Packs are not official, But still Lots have developers are doing hard work and they keep on bringing some new addon's to this game, 

How to add modified Cars in GTA 5 Game on PC ?

Download OpenIV and any cars you want to install into your game.

This is how icon of OPEN IV looks like : 

Make Mods Folder in Game's Directory as shown in image below: 

It’s important to make a “mods folder” in your game’s directory. This will allow you to remove the mods folder in the event that you screw something up, instead of having to reinstall your game.
Create a folder named “mods” in your games directory. (The folder where “GTA5.exe” is located. If you’re having trouble finding this, right click the game in your steam library, go to properties, and click “open game files”. In your newly created mods folder, you’ll want to place the “x64” and “update” folders.

After you’ve done this, open OpenIV and go to “Tools” in the top left and then click on “ASI Manager”. Use this to install the ASILoader and OpenIV.asi. Now you’re ready to install the custom cars.

When you download custom cars, they’ll either be car reskins or completely custom models. If they’re custom models, you’ll need a trainer to spawn them in. If they’re reskins, they’ll replace the skins of other cars in the game.

To install these, regardless of their type, you’ll need to location to put the files in. It should say where to place them either in a readme file in the folder you download or on the car’s page on whatever site you found it on. (I’d recommend

Find the location in your mods folder, and click the edit button in the top right of OpenIV. Simply drag and drop the car files into the said location, and your cars are now installed.

Finally, start your game and your cars should be in the game.

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